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Posted on September 11, 2017

3D printable open source prosthetics

3D Printing 2017 Report
Havenlabs are a team of engineers that has come together to improve the lives of veterans. Havenlabs aspires to help disabled veterans by donating custom 3D prosthetic limbs so that they do not have the financial burden of having to purchase prosthetic devices.
Havenlabs "utility gauntlet" design aims to be as multi-functional as possible with the use of interchangeable attachments created by the Havenlabs community. With the initial attachment and insert it will allow very basic functions of amputees such as eating and shaving.
This device is meant to be a custom fit for each amputee and requires a 3D scanner in order to create a comfortable fit for the user. Neodymium magnets are placed on the bottom of the socket end and are used as a way to interchange attachments in a fast and easy fashion.
Havenlabs have now added the "utility band" to their line up. This is a modular device that aims to have both low cost and versatility in mind for amputees. Two different attachments are included that can assist amputees by holding silverware and other various tools.
Source and images: Havenlabs
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