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Posted on October 05, 2015

3D food printer for customised taste, colour, texture

3D Printing 2017 Report
Cambridge UK based design studio and innovation lab Dovetailed has developed a 3D printer that can make edible fruit. By combining individual liquid droplets with different flavours into a desired shape, it allows the creation of interesting bespoke fruits in a matter of seconds. It is aimed at chefs, foodies and anyone interested in making creative dining experiences. No specialist knowledge of cuisine is required to rapidly create fresh and organic 3D fruits on demand.
Dr. Vaiva Kalnikaitė, Founder and CEO of Dovetailed, says: "We have been thinking of making this for a while. It's such an exciting time for us as an innovation lab. Our 3D fruit printer will open up new possibilities not only to professional chefs and food companies but also to kitchens in our home - allowing us to enhance and expand our dining experiences. We have re-invented the concept of fresh fruit on demand."
Dovetailed say that with their novel printing technique, you can not only re-create existing fruits, but also invent your own creations. The taste, texture, size and shape of the fruit can all be customised.
They explain that the technique differs from any other as it allows 3D structures to be built from liquid which keep their form until you bite into them and release their flavours. Their design encapsulates liquid in small droplets and then uses these droplets to create a structure. Multiple liquids can be mixed during the same print, for example, printing a strawberry with a strip of cream.
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In addition to fruit the nufood can print with any liquids including savoury liquids, alcohol etc. Users can download the latest creations from renowned chefs straight onto their phone or tablet and replicate them in their own kitchen, and using the app they can create and share their own designs.
The nufood robot has a small footprint, designed to fit comfortably in the smallest kitchens. It is easy to clean by placing a single part in a dishwasher and it uses environmentally friendly refills.
Source and images: Dovetailed
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