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12 August 2019

A new National Artificial Intelligence Lab will use the power of artificial intelligence to improve the health and lives of patients.

Researchers have come up with a new approach to streamline the knitting process: a new system and design tool for automating knitted garments.

Medical imaging is essential for diagnosing and monitoring numerous cardiovascular conditions. While they have been of tremendous value in the past, traditional cardiovascular imaging methods are no longer meeting the requirements of patients and physicians. They can be difficult to interpret and lengthy to process, which delays time to treatment. New methods are needed to keep up with demand and provide a higher standard of care.

Scientists recently showed that brain activity recorded as research participants spoke could be used to create remarkably realistic synthetic versions of that speech, suggesting hope that one day such brain recordings could be used to restore voices to people who have lost the ability to speak. However, it took the researchers weeks or months to translate brain activity into speech, a far cry from the instant results that would be needed for such a technology to be clinically useful.

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