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Cytosurge Win At The IDTechEx Show! Awards

At the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin last week, IDTechEx was delighted to present the 'Best Development in 3D Printing Award Europe 2017' to Cytosurge.
Edgar Hepp, Business Developer, Cytosurge and Dr Fanny Barde, Project Manager, Toyota Motor Europe
Accepting the award on behalf of Cytosurge was Edgar Hepp, Business Developer. He commented, "we are very happy that our FluidFM µ3Dprinter is honored with this award. A truly new system able to print metal structures at a scale invisible to the bare eye. Therefore, the entire team appreciates that our innovative work in developing this new 3D printing technology is thus rewarded. Thank you!"
Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, Dr Bryony Core, added "Cytosurge's FluidFM µ3DPrinter offers sub-micron resolution in direct metal printing with a range of metals. The potential applications for highly precise metal printing are as numerous as they are diverse, spanning electronics, sensors and microrobots, impacting a range of industries. It is for their pioneering technology enabling the printing of metals at resolutions not accessible by any other techniques that IDTechEx are pleased to announce Cytosurge as the winners of this year's 3D Printing Award."
Enter for our next awards here, taking place in Santa Clara on 15 November.
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