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3D Printing Progress
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3D printing with silicones can now be experienced first-hand

Three years ago, the ACEO® team from WACKER developed a system solution for 3D printing with silicones, combining both precise real elastomer parts and freedom in design. To extend their service portfolio, ACEO® recently opened their Open Print Lab in Burghausen, where customers can experience 3D printing with silicones first-hand.
Unique drop-on-demand technology for real elastomer parts and freedom in design
ACEO®'s technology is a milestone in additive manufacturing. An expert team at WACKER developed a system solution for many applications and individual needs, which had its world premiere at K2016. ACEO® Silicones are the first elastomer - thus the first real elastic material - which can be 3D printed. These silicones keep their outstanding properties such as temperature and radiation resistance, biocompatibility, a broad color range or variation of hardness throughout the 3D printing process.
To ensure best results with this material, ACEO® developed both hardware and software for their unique technology. In their automated web shop - a world's first for silicone elastomers - customers can register, upload their designs, get a quote, and have their 3D printed parts shipped worldwide.
Understanding 3D printing with silicones with first-hand experience
Introducing a new technology takes more than its development. "Information and education across industries are key to understanding the variety of opportunities and applications offered by the ACEO® technology." says Dr. Bernd Pachaly, Head of Project 3D Printing at WACKER SILICONES. "We want customers to understand how our solution matches their needs. There is no better way than learning by first-hand experience. This is why we created our Open Print Lab."
Located at the ACEO® Campus in Burghausen, Germany, the Open Print Lab offers tailor-made programs to small groups of up to 4 people. After registration, customers and the ACEO® team define date, expectations and goals of the workshop. Participants will go through individual trainings, consisting of theoretical and printing sessions from additive manufacturing basics to advanced design.
Request a session
Register up to four participants for a tailor-made Open Print Lab training at the ACEO® Campus in Burghausen at
Watch the Open Print Lab video
A video introducing ACEO® and the Open Print Lab is available at
Source and top image: AECO
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