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3D Printing Progress
Posted on April 03, 2018

Spotlight on TNO: Holst Centre, AMSYSTEMS, Brightlands Materials

Holst Centre, AMSYSTEMS Center and Brightlands Materials Centre, three Joint Innovation Centers of TNO will demonstrate their latest developments in printed, moulded and flexible electronics at the IDTechEx Show! 2018 in Berlin.
Holst Centre, an open innovation initiative of Imec and TNO, has developed a flexible, large area photodetector-on-plastic technology with a total thickness of less than 150 um. A number of costly vacuum deposition and lithography steps are eliminated compared to the case of conventional inorganic (amorphous silicon-based) detectors. This greatly simplifies the manufacturing process and allows scaling of the image resolution to 500-ppi and higher. Using this technology the Holst Centre has developed curved X-ray photodetectors and fingerprint/palmprint scanners that can measure person's unique fingerprint ridge patterns and heartbeat at the same time.
Senior Scientist Dr Daniel Tordera will explain more about this technology in his lecture at the IDTechEx Show! on April 11th at 14h40.
The AMSYSTEMS Center is dedicated to developing next generation additive manufacturing production equipment for smart, personalized and multi-functional products. The AMSYSTEMS Center targets high-tech applications, 3D printed devices, and 3D printed food and healthcare applications, with spin-off to other markets that require personalized, on-demand manufacturing.
This USB stick developed by AMSYSTEMS Center is an example of integrated electronics in a 3D printed product, produced in one machine. This is especially of interest for small series production because of the increased flexibility and reduced costs.
Dr. Wijnand Germs will give you insight into the developments in combining the flexibility of 3D printing techniques with technologies from flexible electronics on [Thursday April 12th at 10h00] in the Paris hall.
Brightlands Materials Center is a relatively new R&D center in the field of polymeric materials. One of the subjects in Brightlands Materials Center is additive manufacturing, a production technology which brings high degrees of freedom for designers, enables customization and product change-overs at no additional costs and innovates supply and logistic chains by its on demand manufacturing characteristic.
The ongoing trend in additive manufacturing towards functional prototypes and parts puts new requirements on materials. In thermoplastics, products that have been used for many years for production technologies like injection moulding, are not per se meeting those requirements. Thermoset resins are often challenged on their mechanical properties. Modifications, optimizations and plain development of new material systems are necessary. The most enthusing part of this is that these material system developments also enable new functionality in printed part.
As an example, we are currently developing biocompatible material systems for true multi-color printing of dental crowns and bridges. The underlying materials expertise enables us to look at applications in other areas as well, e.g. 3D printed multiporous parts that might play a role in energy storage.
IDTechEx! Show visitors might be particularly interested in our project that concentrates on using a multimaterial approach to integrate new performance such as sensing or electric functionality directly into printed parts by using advanced material systems.
TNO, Stand J10 (Holst Centre, AMSYSTEMS Center, Brightlands Materials Centre)
Learn more at 3D Printing Europe 2019 on 10-11 April, 2019 at the Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany and at the 3D Business & Technology Insight Forums on May 8-9, 2019 at Autodesk in Boston, MA, USA