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Brightlands Materials Center presents inspiring innovations

A team of Brightlands Materials Center will participate for the first time in the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin. Brightlands Materials Center is a relatively new R&D center with focus on polymeric materials and their applications. The Additive Manufacturing group within the Center concentrates on using a truly multimaterial approach to integrate new performance such as sensing or electric functionality directly into printed parts by using advanced material systems. Additive manufacturing of such multimaterial systems would give designers the tools and freedom to design innovative electronic objects that could not have been produced through conventional means.
At the IDTechEx Show! we will present some of our first results and our experts will be available for discussion on how our inspiring innovations can support your business.
Come see us at IDTechEx Show! at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin at booth J10.
About Brightlands Materials Center
Brightlands Materials Center is an initiative of TNO and the Province of Limburg and aims at bringing sustainable materials solutions to meet future industrial and societal needs. Visit our website for more information: External Link.
If you have any questions regarding this press release, please contact Richard Janssen, business developer at Brightlands Materials Center:
Source: Brightlands Materials Center
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