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MakerGear unveils M3 Independent Dual Rev 1 3D printer

MakerGear, developer and manufacturer of 3D printers, has announced new products being unveiled. Leading these introductions is MakerGear's new M3 Independent Dual Rev. 1 3D Printer with enclosure. As an upgraded version of the company's popular M3 printer, the new M3-ID Rev. 1 features:
True Leveling + Auto Leveling - All new M3-ID Rev 1 printers will feature a touch probe that expedites, manages and improves the print bed leveling process by providing simple instructions to the user if needed. In addition, the probe also checks the print surface to generate a mesh using 9 data points to compensate for any unavoidable variations in the flatness of the print bed.
MakerGear Enclosure - Available as an option, this new 3D printer enclosure helps maintain proper temperature of the print environment, reduces operating noise, and allows venting of printing-related odors.
Made in the USA, all printers in the M3 line feature wifi connectivity, wireless control, an integrated user interface, and high-temperature V4 hot ends that effortlessly handle a wide variety of materials.
"Building on the success of our popular M3 3D printer, we're excited to premiere the new M3-ID Rev. 1," said Rick Pollack, CEO, MakerGear. "Our new features improve on an already world-class printer, which provides our customers with the tools to accomplish the most advanced prototyping and production jobs with an unparalleled degree of precision and reliability."
MakerGear will also be demonstrating their new MakerGear Cloud software, which is designed to maximize the productivity of a 3D printer fleet through printer cluster mapping and cluster-based print queuing, while protecting users' IP through advanced administrative control.
MakerGear Cloud is a fully integrated machine and data management solution that features:
  • Cluster mapping that allows customers to build and customize printer clusters based on placement and arrangement within their facilities.
  • Efficient operation for both high-volume print jobs, and low-volume, high-mix environments.
  • Secure cloud-ready 3D printing that enables constant productivity and adapts to a user's device, location and security needs.
  • Advanced administrative control that permits users to configure privileges by location, role, or account type.
For additional information, please visit MakerGear at External Link.
About MakerGear
Founded in 2009, Ohio-based MakerGear is in the business of advanced manufacturing, crafting rock-solid machines, providing scalable 3D printing solutions, and delivering superior customer service. MakerGear empowers tens-of-thousands of users in all 50 states and more than 75 countries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, medical researchers, government agencies, and schools.
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Source: MakerGear
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