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3D Printing of Composites: Reinforcing your Market Growth

3D Printing of composites is becoming an increasingly explored commercial opportunity. Approaching this from two directions: the 3D Printing industry are looking for functional enhancements to assist industrial uptake and meanwhile the traditional composites industry is looking at ways to allow more design freedom, accelerate time to market, and reduce the costs for low-production volume. 3D Printing Europe is a premier technical B2B conference and tradeshow, co-located as part of the IDTechEx Show! This event runs from April 10-11 in Berlin, Germany, and features a session dedicated to the commercialisation of 3D Printing of composites after a highly successful launch at the partner USA event last November.
IDTechEx forecast that the 3D Printing market will be worth $22bn by 2028 and this conference brings the key voice of this emerging market, including talks from Dassault Systemes, Ultimaker, BotFactory, and many more.
3D Printing of composites is seeing more market entries, acquisitions, and notable orders. This rapidly emerging area is the incentive for IDTechEx to host a session on this topic in a B2B conference. The session includes presentations from:
  • SGL Carbon on "3D Printed Components From Carbon And Silicon Carbide (CARBOPRINT®)".
  • Anisoprint on "Anisoprinting The Next Generation Of Composite Materials Structures With Tailored Directional Properties".
  • CRP Technology on "How Windform® Composite Materials Pioneered The AM Revolution".
  • Fiberneering on "Achieving High Performance, Easy To Integrate And Weight Optimised Composite Parts Through Our 3D Printing Process".
  • Brightlands Material Center on "Embedding Unique Functionalities in composites by continuous fiber printing".
Windform® from CRP Technology (Top left), Fiberneering (Top centre), Brightlands Material Center (Top Right), Anisoprint (bottom left), CARBOPRINT from SGL Carbon (bottom right).
Alongside this session there are a full 2-days of presentations with sessions on key materials (metals, polymers, electronics) and key industry verticals (transportation and medical).
The IDTechEx Show! co-locates 8 conferences and an exhibition, which 3D Printing Europe attendees get complete access to, this includes graphene & 2D materials, printed electronics, energy storage, and more. It is the leading event on emerging technologies with over 250 presentations from leading companies; 2500+ attendees and 200 exhibitors.
2 analyst-led masterclasses dedicated to 3D printing of polymers and metals held on the day preceding the conference - April 9, will provide a comprehensive overview and outlook for the industry. For more information concerning what is included at the event, please visit the website.
Top image: Fiberneering

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Posted on: February 5, 2019

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