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High Performance Laser-Additive Manufacturing (HIPERLAM Project)

The HIPERLAM Project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 723879.
The Project is aimed towards SME Research and Innovation Action (RIA), with a strong emphasis upon demonstrating superior cost and speed performance in end-to-end processes featuring laser-based additive manufacturing in two key applications requiring high resolution printed conductive metallic lines, mainly laser printed RFID Antenna and Laser Fingerprinted sensors.
Existing subtractive top-down process will be replaced by HiperLAM's additive process for both Applications. Existing multiple processing steps will be reduced to HiperLAM's significantly fewer steps. Realtime diagnostics are included and Modelling investigations will be undertaken to support optimisation. The promise of HiperLAM's high resolution laser based additive manufacturing solutions is to transform the manufacturing processing speed by 10x for laser printed RFID antenna (Application 1) and 5x in the case of the lead-time for laser printed fingerprint sensor design (Application 2). Similarly, HiperLAM promises to reduce costs by 20x and 50% respectively for Application 1 and Application 2. HiperLAM features high resolution LIFT Printing and Laser Sintering utilising novel high viscous inks to achieve printed conductive metallic structures down to 10 μm resolution over large areas (10 to 1000 cm2) suitable for scale-up to full production. The targeted applications address global market needs and will support mainstream adoption of AM processes in EU industry by displacing existing processes with smart, flexible, digitally enabled manufacturing technology. HiperLAM business cases promise significant revenue growth in both application spaces and in the potential for consortium partners to establish themselves in preeminent positions in high resolution, low cost, high throughput AM technology.
The Project is made up of eight partners from four countries:
Orbotech Ltd (the Coordinator) and P.V. Nano Cells Ltd from Israel, The National Technical University of Athens from Greece, The Nederlandse Organisatievoor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO) from the Netherlands, and Oxford Lasers Ltd, Flexenable Ltd, Pragmatic Printing Ltd and Modus Research & Innovation from the UK.
This project is an initiative of the Photonics Public Private Partnership and has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723879.
Modus Research and Innovation Ltd are silver sponsors of 3D Printing Europe 2019, part of the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin. Meet them on booth Q04 on 10-11 April, 2019.
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