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3D Printing helps bring Night Watch of Rembrandt to life

From July 4 until August 4, 2019 photographer Julius Rooymans and fashion designer Hans Ubbink present in their exhibition Nachtwacht 360 a photographic reproduction of Rembrandt's masterpiece Night Watch in full size. On this lifelike photograph, the night Watch has been recreated in detail with the help of people who looks like their predecessors depicted in paint. Rooymans & Ubbink used the 3D printing technology at Oceanz for some attributes. The life-size Night Watch is also fitted with a 'downside', and is flanked by 35 portraits and attributes. Prior to the reconstruction, a nationwide scouting action was started, in which all 25 look-a-likes were found, including Rembrandt. For more information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing Materials 2019-2029: Technology and Market Analysis.
Nachtwacht 360
Nachtwacht 360 is a project in which the painting of Rembrandt from 1642 was reproduced on the original format (more than 4 by 5 meters, including the parts cut in 1715). In addition to this, the back of the painting is also photographed. This 'downside' is an addition of Rooymans and Ubbink, and allows the spectator to walk 360 degrees around the work. An interpretation of the background can be seen against which Rembrandt could have painted his most famous painting: As a glimpse into the seventeenth century, over the shoulder of Rembrandt himself, with references to scenes from the life and oeuvre of The painter.
3D printing of attributes from the 17th century
For the project Rooymans and Ubbink need authentic seventeenth-century harnesses, weapons and helmets from collections of collectors in the Netherlands. Attributes that were not (anymore) or were conceived by Rembrandt, are designed specifically for this project. For this, both the 17th-century and the contemporary techniques have been used and collaborated with a team of experts (including Rijksmuseum and the national military Museum). That Rembrandt sometimes had a rich imagination, for example, proved to be the quest for the helmets. With the help of a weapon expert and the Army Museum, the conclusion was quickly drawn that some helmets did not exist. Thanks to the current technique, the helmets could be 3D designed by Robin Bandari. Then the helmets, the collar and the partisan were 3D printed at Oceanz.
Hans Ubbink: "Actually we are the same only in other clothing. I have been amazed at how many details and tailoring hours are in the 17th century suits. Making it again by hand was a Tour de force that without the enormous skill and involvement of the various experts with whom we have been allowed to work during this process had never succeeded. "
3D Printing with high detailing
"As a professional and Dutch 3D print company, we are proud that Oceanz was involved in the Nachtwacht 360 project. How beautiful is it to be able to bring this Dutch masterpiece from the 17th century to life with the innovative and modern technology of today? 3D printing makes it possible to produce objects in the most high detail. For example, the helmets, collars and a partisan-which were seen 350 years ago by Rembrandt's eyes, are exactly counterfeited to be able to show the general public now, " says Frank Elbersen, sales engineer at Oceanz 3D printing.
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Oceanz is a professional 3D printing company, with many years of know-how in the market, about the most relevant peers and the professionals that matter. With gained knowledge and concrete business cases, Oceanz has gained extensive experience in various industries; for example in the Medical field, Automotive and Aerospace. We continuously broaden our knowledge, search for novelties and are not shy of looking to exceptional innovations and developments. Together with our customers we develop and create 3D printed innovations that make the difference in every production process. The result: cost savings, reduction of failure costs and increasing production capacity. External Link
Source: Oceanz
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