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3D Printing Progress
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Jumbo Group Partners with Mobilis Medical for 3D Manufacturing

Jumbo Group, a forerunner in the sphere of 3D printing & manufacturing, has announced a partnership with Modern Bionic Limb Solutions (MOBILIS) Medical Manufacturing for 3D printing of prosthetic covers, orthosis, hand and leg splints, sockets, and other devices in the UAE and GCC region. For more information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing 2019-2029: Technology and Market Analysis.
MOBILIS is a growing start-up company and a custom on-demand manufacturer and distributor for orthotics, prosthetics and seating systems and solutions of superior quality, located in Dubai. The company has developed the first "smart factory" concept1 for orthotics and prosthetics in the UAE with an assembly-line model, designed for one-flow manufacturing with the support of cloud computing, robotic supported manufacturing, electronic data exchange technologies, electronic line assembly and 3D printed device technology.
The devices will be produced remotely at Jumbo 3D Manufacturing LLC, Jumbo's advanced 3D application development center in Jebel Ali, which uses HP Multi Jet Fusion technology as well as several other 3D products aimed at medical, dental, architectural and various other applications. The facility was set up in 2018 and has paved the way for easy adoption of 3D printing technology in the UAE across applications. The facility also houses equipment for post processing, finishing and painting of finished products, making it a one-stop solution for all things related to 3D Manufacturing.
In the healthcare space, 3D Manufacturing simplifies the process of developing prosthetic implants with the help of advanced technologies, which reduces work time for doctors, shortens patient theatre time and improves outcomes. As prosthetics are a customized patient-specific product, the technology helps reduce production time by 35% compared to traditional manufacturing techniques.
Latik Gupta, Head of Jumbo Enterprise said: "3D Manufacturing is transforming the world we live in - especially healthcare where its benefits are tremendous. Traditionally, most of the products are either manufactured manually or through machines, which takes a lot of time and drives up the cost. Our partnership with Mobilis will help reduce this substantially and improve patient outcomes."
Makram and Sofyen Tebbi, the visionaries behind Mobilis Medical Manufacturing, said: "We are pleased to partner with a like-minded organization like Jumbo that is committed to improving the lives of people through technology. 3D printing technology enables the creation of new designs which cannot be achieved through conventional methods. Jumbo's use of HP Jet Fusion technology ensures that clients get the medical support they need when it comes to producing prosthetics and other devices, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them."
So far, Jumbo has worked on 30 pilot cases and prototyping projects with Mobilis, each taking just 12-16 hours to manufacture (traditionally this used to take 20-30 hours). Jumbo believes that 3D Manufacturing has a promising future in the GCC, especially when it comes to scalability. This means that we could be looking at a future where medical equipment could be produced on an ever-larger scale through 3D Printing. Manufacturing in-house could even reduce the supply chain and lead to digitization of the entire process, in addition to greater flexibility and more customized designs.
Jumbo 3D Manufacturing is in line with Dubai's strategy to embrace 3D printing and harness new technologies to drive economic growth in the UAE. Since the company was founded, Jumbo has mirrored this vision through investments in emerging technology across its business verticals.
About Jumbo Group
Established in 1974, Jumbo Electronics Co. Ltd. (Jumbo Group) is a diversified business Conglomerate headquartered in the UAE. Founded by the late Mr. Manu Chhabria, the Jumbo Group has established a legacy of Trust and Stability in the over 44 years of its existence. Starting from being a technology retailer and distributor, it has emerged into a multi-faceted Group with strong interests in several Institutional and Enterprise businesses including some emerging technologies. The Group prides itself on strong Corporate Governance, technology adoption and leverage, Quality and Service accreditation, Talent Management and robust Systems and Processes.
With over 3,000 employees across the Middle East, the Group operates in businesses that are mainly focused on multiple verticals - Distribution, OmniChannel Retail & Enterprise (B2B). Besides the proprietary competencies in these, Jumbo has established and developed strong capabilities presence in logistics including 3PL, Facilities Management, Additive(3D) Manufacturing and After-Market Services. The company has three regional offices, 10 services centres, six warehouses and 15 Jumbo Branded stores in the UA apart from managing franchisee and speciality stores for other Global and local brands.
Jumbo Distribution has a regional presence across UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain and specializes in categories such as Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Mobility Devices, Telecom products, and Smart Devices. It has partnerships with over 40 global brands such as Sony, Lenovo, Lava, Dyson, Gree, Media and Casio among others. A full-service distributor and the last mile partner for many marquee brands, Jumbo Distribution has been offering bespoke solutions in the market to target customers in Power Retail, Specialty Electronics, Departmental stores, Supermarkets, Dealers, Retailers, and eCommerce. Jumbo's own label - Supra- has been a household name in appliances in the UAE and acknowledged as a reputable brand as far as Iran and other Middle Eastern countries.
Jumbo OmniChannel Retail, has presence across all emirates in the UAE and holds premium franchisee partnerships with several top brands. In 2014, Jumbo Retail transitioned in to a fully OmniChannel retail brand, with the launch of its online store, External Link.
Jumbo Enterprise is a bespoke enterprise solutions company that empowers large and medium enterprises with end-to-end solutions to control, optimize, and enhance complete document production environments. Jumbo Enterprise solutions include services in IT infrastructure management, managed print services, system integration, audio-visual, and broadcast solutions for diverse sectors as Government, Hospitality, Education, SMBs, and large Corporations. Jumbo Manpower Services, also known as, provides Staffing and HR Solutions to various MNC's and Local Organisations and its footprint extends to the GCC and beyond. Trusted for its quality of services, transparency, deep client engagement and a uniquely crafted and customisable service offering, JumboForce has established itself well in the industry.
Source: Jumbo Group
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