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Ultimaker and LEHVOSS Group Receive Certification of Filament

Ultimaker, a leader in professional desktop 3D printing, announced that TÜV SÜD has certified the 3D printing process of LUVOCOM® 3F filament and Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. Commissioned by the LEHVOSS Group and Ultimaker, the certification includes the material properties, the test specimen production - which is comprised of the dimensional tolerances, the production of the filament, the pressure process and emissions during the printing process.
Jos Burger, CEO at Ultimaker: "We are thrilled to receive this certification from TÜV SÜD and look forward to our continued collaboration with the LEHVOSS Group. This certification proves that parts produced with the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and the LUVOCOM 3F PAHT® 9825 NT are done in an accurate and reproducible way. By many of our customers this is considered very important and often even a prerequisite for the implementation of FFF 3D printing with engineering materials in advanced applications. We are excited to confirm that our customers have access to such a reliable production process." For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printed Materials Market 2020-2030: COVID Edition.
The certification comes after the successful completion of an extensive testing process, which included an on-site inspection by TÜV SÜD of both Ultimaker's and LEHVOSS' production facilities to ensure high quality and traceable processes, a quality audit of the machine with the material in use and parallel printing of all test specimens. In addition, TÜV SÜD conducted testing of relevant mechanical properties material feedstock fingerprint, emissions testing, and geometric accuracy testing at its laboratories.
"This is an important step for the industrialization and scalability of FFF," says Dr. Thiago Medeiros Araujo, Business Development at LUVOCOM 3F. "The certified system increases safety in parts production and is intended to accelerate the equal use of 3D printing to already established manufacturing processes, such as injection molding. We are proud to be the world's first supplier of filaments with this certification."
Gregor Reischle, Head of Additive Manufacturing at TÜV SÜD: "The certification of the reproducible 3D printing construction process is a decisive milestone on the way to competitive production using 3D printers. The test basis, with the underlying standards, helps all market participants to see the difference between 3D printing for prototyping and 3D printing for production purposes. The certified reproducible printing process helps users in particular to reduce technology integration costs. Minimizing integration costs for production purposes creates more willingness to integrate and trust. We hope that it will benefit many applications and industries for cost-transparent, safe and high-quality implementation."
Jos Burger, CEO at Ultimaker: "At Ultimaker, we have always been dedicated to offering our customers access to innovative 3D printing through our software, like Ultimaker Essentials and the open-sourced Ultimaker Cura, our printers such as the Ultimaker S5, our Ultimaker Academy e-learning courses and our partners. We're continuing to prove this dedication by not only our ongoing advancements in technology and hardware, but by exceeding industry standards that our customers expect. We are excited for this recognition and look forward to more in the future."
Source: Ultimaker
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