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Zmorph Releases New Industrial-Grade 3D Printer - i500

Zmorph releases a completely new product in its portfolio, the industrial 3D printer Zmorph i500.
Zmorph is an established Polish brand known for its range of multitool 3D printers, the latest being Zmorph Fab, an all-in-one desktop 3D printer, which was released in December 2020. The company rebranded last year to focus on the industrial market and its R&D team has now developed a professional, high-performance 3D printer which responds to the most common problems the industrial 3D printing sector faces, with new features, all available at a reasonable price.
Zmorph i500 is designed for cost-effective low-volume production, custom tooling, and rapid prototyping. It's a reliable, high-performance, large volume 3D printer for manufacturers, engineers, and other industrial professionals. Zmorph i500 is a perfect addition to automotive, R&D, aerospace, production, military and similar industries. The machine features a large printing volume of 500 x 460 x 300 mm, which enables it to print multiple parts simultaneously or create large models thus maximising productivity. The Dual Drive Dual Extruder featuring a Nozzle Lifting System works with various sensors to deliver repeatable and high-quality results. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2020-2030: COVID Edition.
Zmorph i500 is easy to use. Its ergonomic touch panel offers a user-friendly UI to Filament Flow System. The operator just needs to start the project and wait for the results. The machine sensors monitor the smooth flow of material and indicate any obstacles. To maximise uptime and throughput, the Zmorph i500 features a Distributed Control System, that makes servicing much easier and faster, as there is easy access to each subassembly.
The Zmorph i500 was developed with safety in mind. Features such as an electric door lock prevent unauthorised access during operation; the Air Flow System filters fumes and particles from the printer, and even a removable Wi-Fi module, make the i500 ready to work in an industrial environment without additional safety measures.
Marek Kłos, Vice-President at Zmorph, comments: "Zmorph has been present in the additive manufacturing market since 2013. We used this time to acquire experience and R&D proficiency to enter the professional market. Last year, despite COVID, we undertook full company rebranding and released a new all-in-one machine - Zmorph Fab. With the Zmorph i500, we are ready to compete with professional segment market leaders. Zmorph i500 is an easy to operate and maintain, modern, large-format 3D printer, that was designed to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding users from the industry. i500 was carefully developed with valuable feedback from our customers and distributor network."
The Zmorph i500 High-Performance 3D Printer can be purchased from today for 7499 USD or 6399 EUR and is available directly from the manufacturer or via the resellers network worldwide, including CDG Replik8 and J-Supplied 3D in the UK.
More information about the 3D printer, its features and technical data can be obtained from the manufacturer's website:
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