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Intellegens Launches Machine Learning Package for 3D Printing

Deep learning software specialist Intellegens has enhanced its solution for Additive Manufacturing (AM) with the launch of a new Alchemite™ AM Package. The ready-to-go bundle of machine learning software, analysis tools, and implementation services is designed to help AM teams extract value from their data, optimise build parameters and ensure more repeatable AM processes, while greatly reducing the need for testing. The launch of the Alchemite™ AM Package follows Intellegens' success at the recent AM Innovation Awards, organised by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
Intellegens' Alchemite™ technology is unique in its capability to extract value from sparse and noisy experimental datasets, such as those generated during AM projects. These projects seek to understand the subtle combined effects of material properties, machine parameters, and operating conditions on the consistency and performance of AM parts. Such understanding helps to get parts to market faster, fulfilling the promise of AM for more flexible delivery of stronger, lighter manufactured products. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2020-2030: COVID Edition.
The potential of Alchemite™ as a game-changer in AM development was recognised at ASME's AM Tech Forum event in June, where Intellegens scooped both the Best-in-Class Software and Startup Innovation Awards. Intellegens was selected from over forty organisations, which presented technical solutions, with an expert judging panel making the final decision in combination with attendee votes at the event.
Alchemite™ has been validated in a range of customer projects and through Project MEDAL, an AM collaboration with the UK Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and global aerospace giant Boeing, supported by the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Program (NATEP). Intellegens is also working in partnership with engineering simulation leader Ansys to embed Alchemite™ within its AM data management solution.
The Alchemite™ AM Package builds on the knowledge developed through this work. It delivers the right combination of software and expert advice to ensure that new user organisations get up-and-running quickly as they apply machine learning to accelerate the delivery of AM processes.
"We were delighted to be recognised by the ASME additive manufacturing community," comments Ben Pellegrini, CEO of Intellegens. "This is yet more evidence of the growing interest in applying our technology to AM. We are responding by ensuring that our product and service portfolio is optimised to enable a fast start as we onboard more AM customers."
About Intellegens
Intellegens provides a unique machine learning toolset that can train deep neural networks from fragmented, corrupt, or noisy datasets. The technique, originally developed at the University of Cambridge, is encapsulated in the Alchemite™ product. By unraveling data problems that are not accessible to traditional machine learning approaches, Alchemite™ offers accurate models that can predict missing values, find errors and optimise target properties. Suitable for any numeric dataset, Alchemite™ has demonstrated particular value in the design, development, and application of materials, chemicals, formulations, and drugs. It has enabled organisations to break through data analysis bottlenecks, reduce the amount of time and money spent on research, and support better, faster decision-making.
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