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fabWeaver Type A530 Prototyping Workstation Debuts

abWeaver Type A530 Prototyping Workstation Debuts
fabWeaver, an innovative 3D printer brand working in partnership with Sindoh Co, Ltd., debuted the fabWeaver type A530, a prototyping workstation for industrial 3D printing. With organizations eager to apply additive manufacturing techniques for design and functional prototypes, or when small runs require strong, durable parts, the fabWeaver type A530 helps organizations achieve Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing with unmatched dependability - backed by its exceptional accuracy, reliability, ease of use and low total cost of ownership (TCO). The prototyping workstation is available in Q1 2022 in North America, Europe, and South Korea and is priced starting at under USD $10,000.
"There's a sweet spot in the industrial 3D printing market that has been looking for faster, more durable 3D printed parts that teams can create more affordably"
As 3D printing use expands, design and engineering labs and service bureaus are looking for an affordable, all-purpose prototyping resource for non-stop printing of durable parts they can trust. Tested the equivalent of decades, the fabWeaver type A530 is a prototyping workstation built to perform with speed and consistency that rival larger, far more costly Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printers. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2020-2030: COVID Edition.
With the fabWeaver type A530, teams build complex parts with precision and consistency as intended on their CAD designs. Users save time and gain the freedom to remove and assemble parts directly from the 3D printing platform with easy post processing, while ensuring the quality level of the surface - capabilities that are essential to building reliable working models. The printer's dual-nozzle industrial design and low maintenance allows teams to improve design and manufacturing performance at every level. fabWeaver type A530's open design enables users to mix and match common FFF materials including ABS, ASA, Support and PLA, with new materials to be added in the coming months.
The 310 x 310 x 310 mm build size and printing speeds of up to 200 mm/s allow users to print the designs to the quality they want, at any time. A 7-inch full touch screen allows easy operation and maintenance, while companion Weaver3 Studio and Weaver 3 cloud/mobile software allow a seamless work process anywhere, with remote management and remote slice and print capabilities. From simple proof of concept (POC) to design verification, to performance test and printing of working parts, the fabWeaver type A530 enables superior printing results, with low TCO.
"There's a sweet spot in the industrial 3D printing market that has been looking for faster, more durable 3D printed parts that teams can create more affordably," said Jesus Fernandez, CEO at Leon 3D, an innovative 3D printing reseller and service bureau. "The fabWeaver type A530 is an exciting prototyping option that can answer that need, and help a wide variety of organizations to improve lead times with minimal cost."
"We applied over 60 years of innovation in the printing business, and our in-depth understanding of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology, to make the fabWeaver type A530 into an affordable prototyping workhorse that organizations can rely on for years," said Thomas Kim, director of marketing for fabWeaver. "With fabWeaver type A530, it's never been easier, faster or more affordable to achieve the promise of additive manufacturing for creating agile and distributed supply chains, where generating a prototype of a needed part, tool, jig or fixture takes a fraction of the time of traditional processes."
For more information on fabWeaver type A530, visit External Link.
About fabWeaver
fabWeaver is an innovative 3D Printer Brand working in partnership with Sindoh, a Korea-based company with over 60 years of experience leading in the manufacturing of cutting-edge technologies. External Link.
About Sindoh
Sindoh is a 3D printing market leader in Korea and is now expanding to the global market. Founded in 1960, Sindoh's technology and solutions provide sustainable and reliable hardware products with high quality and efficiency. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea with the broad range of 3D Printer products, Sindoh will empower the industrial standards in 3D printing hardware technology. For additional information, please visit: External Link
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