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Quinly Automates Prusa in 11 Countries

Quinly Automates Prusa in 11 Countries
3DQue Systems Inc. today announced that Quinly for Prusa MK3S is autonomously running printers in 11 countries around the world, with an installed capacity of 1.2 million automated print hours per year. Quinly allows Prusa owners to queue as many prints as they wish at one time and walk away worry-free as Quinly prints jobs in the queue one-by-one, automatically removing parts, clearing the print bed, and starting the next print without human intervention.
Automation has been a popular topic of conversation in the 3D printing industry for over 20 years, but as of now 3DQue's Quinly solution is the only cross-platform 3D printing automation technology on the market. Quinly is elegantly designed to minimise maintenance and downtime using the VAAPRTM print bed for reliable gravity-assisted part removal and bed clearing without the need for expensive mechanical components that require repair and maintenance over time. Prusa MK3S users have found success with Quinly, automating print farms of 20-40 printers. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing Hardware 2022-2032: Technology and Market Outlook.
"In our customer check-ins especially for print farm owners, we keep hearing that being able to queue 30, 50, 70 prints or more and walk away without worrying about things failing is a huge relief," Says 3DQue CEO and co-founder Steph Sharp. "It's really a game changer for our customers, they're now able to focus on growing their business rather than running their printers."
3DQue has plans to expand Quinly to be compatible with more Prusa printers including the Prusa Mini, which is currently in the beta testing phase, making it the newest addition to the largest multi-platform 3D printer automation beta program in the world.
"The Quinly for Prusa Mini beta is the largest yet," says Mateo Pekic, co-founder. "Customers with Quinly for Prusa MK3S wanted to use Quinly on their Prusa Mini's as well. Since the Prusa Mini is popular for print farms it was the logical next step for automation, but we were still blown away by the response."
3DQue looks forward to the day when Quinly automation will be offered as a standard feature in 3D printers. Meanwhile, 3DQue continues to develop Quinly for a wide variety of 3D printers with the Ultimaker S5 and Prusa Mini expected to be out of beta in the next few weeks and new beta's opening for Artillery Genius, Ender 3 S1, CR-10 Smart, and Ender 3 Max. By late spring, Quinly will be able to automate over 50% of the most popular 3D printers sold.
3DQue is a technology startup focused on building a more secure, innovative and sustainable manufacturing sector with automation. They see a world where smart automation operates production, where people focus on growing their business, not managing it, where global events don't stop business in its tracks.
3DQue has grown quickly with customers exceeding installed capacity of more than 5 million automated print hours per year freeing up more than 250 years of operator time. Now functional and end-use commercial, industrial and consumer goods can be designed and produced anywhere in the world at low cost, accelerating innovation at scale.
Source and top image: 3DQue
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