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Josef Prusa acquires US-Based Company Printed Solid, Inc

Josef Prusa acquires US-based company Printed Solid, Inc.
Czech entrepreneur, developer and investor Josef Prusa, co-owner of 3D printers manufacturer Prusa Research, announced the purchase of a 100% stake in the U.S. company Printed Solid, Inc., which has been distributing and selling 3D printers, accessories and filaments in the United States for nearly eight years. The acquisition aims to improve the availability of Original Prusa 3D printers and customer service in the USA for consumers, businesses and educational institutions. The deal was announced at the opening of RAPID+TCT in Detroit, MI.
Printed Solid, based in Newark, Delaware, became Prusa Research's first official distribution partner for corporate customers, educational segments and government institutions in the US in early 2022. Printed Solid employees have received intensive training on Prusa Research products, giving B2B customers access to faster local support and customer service. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing Hardware 2022-2032: Technology and Market Outlook.
"Printed Solid and its CEO David Randolph have been very popular and well-recognized ín the 3D printing community for a long time. From the first moments of working together we were sure that we are on the right track to move experience for the owners of our printers based in the US to the next level," says CEO of Prusa Research, Josef Prusa.
Following the acquisition, both companies will work to further expand their combined efforts. The first step will be to provide local warranty and post-warranty service for consumers. In the next phase, Printed Solid will offer 3D printer spare parts as well as Prusament filaments. These should be available through the company's e-shop within a few weeks. Prusa Research distributes Original Prusa 3D printers to 160 countries worldwide, selling more than 400,000 machines in total, surpassing a 10% share in the worldwide desktop 3D printers market. Keeping a close relationship with 3D printing communities across the globe, Prusa Research develops and manufactures high-quality products, both hardware and software, which are highly praised by community members and professionals alike. The company offers 24/7 technical support in seven languages. In 2021, Prusa Research acquired Trilab, another Czech 3D printer manufacturer, to expand their portfolio of industrial printers.
"While this direct approach is praised by many and it is one of the cornerstones of our company, there are situations where a local branch has its undeniable advantages," Josef Prusa says.
David Randolph will remain CEO of Printed Solid, Inc. and the company will continue to manufacture its own brand of Jessie FDM filaments, enclosures and other accessories for 3D printers. The company will continue to distribute third-party 3D printers and their accessories. With planned expansions, Printed Solid is looking to expand both its staff and warehousing capacities in 2022.
About Josef Prusa and Prusa Research
Prusa Research ( was founded in 2012 and is among the leading 3D printer manufacturers worldwide. Prusa Research's CEO, Josef Prusa, has been voted the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2021) in the Czech Republic and was among the 30 most influential young entrepreneurs in the Forbes' Europe 30 Under 30 list.
About Printed Solid Inc
Printed Solid ( was founded in 2013 in Newark, Delaware by Matthew Gorton as a distributor of 3D printing materials and accessories. In 2017, Printed Solid acquired Ranlaser, a company known for developing and manufacturing of 3D printer enclosures. In 2019, David Randolph (the original CEO of Ranlaser) became the head of the company and Matthew Gorton stayed as an advisor and ambassador.
Source and top image: Prusa Research
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