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Lubricated 3D printing filament motorised spool holder

Monsterfil, a European brand of large‐spool 3D printing filament and accessories is launching the "MonsterFeed" ‐ a motorized spool holder that enables any 3D filament printer to make use of large size plastic spools. Big spools of filament have many advantages such as reduced frequency of changing the spool and ensuring that big prints are always completed successfully. However, when using a heavy spool without a motorized spool feeder, the 3D printer may not be able to apply enough force to rotate the big spool and lends to higher likelihood of missed steps and clogging that result in botched prints. That's the reason most filament spools on the market are 1kg or less.
MonsterFeed brings a revolutionary solution to this problem finally allowing everyone to deploy large spools. MonsterFeed is an intelligent spool holder that senses the tension on the filament and releases the tension by rotating the spool using its' motorized turning device thus allowing the printer to easily pull the filament without excess tension. It also has a built in alarm that alerts users when the spool doesn't feed properly into the printer.
MonsterFeed Key Features:
  • No more excessive tension on the filament
  • Automatic filament feeding
  • Strong and reliable ‐ Powder coated steel frame, aluminum shafts with ball bearings
  • Filament jam alert
  • Plug‐n‐Play - Take it out of the box and it's ready to use.
Monsterfil also offers a wide colour range of large premium PLA filament, sold at very competitive prices and unique features. What sets Monsterfil filament apart from its competition are its spool sizes of 2.26kg and 4.54kgs and the high degree of care and attention to safety of the chemistry used with the raw PLA and master‐batch (colour). Unlike some non‐European filament brands, Monsterfil PLA mixture has been sourced from the most reputable chemical manufacturer certified food‐safe world‐wide, NatureWorks Ingeo™ Biopolymer 4032D. It is extruded in high flow industrial mono‐filament plastic multi extrusion machines ensuring geometric consistency. The PLA mixture includes a softener that gives the plastic a smoother finish and appearance. In the mixture a very small amount of lubricant is added to allow easy feeding through the tubes and also to help lubricate the extruder. This minimizes the friction between the filament and any surfaces that it touches before entering the nozzle.
MonsterFil Filament Features:
  • Built in lubrication
  • Spools up to 4.54kg (10lbs) for long prints
  • Maximum measured thickness variation of 3%
  • Only FDA approved materials used
Monsterfil filament was developed in collaboration between RoboSavvy Ltd. ‐ established supplier of 3D printing materials and Filkemp Lda. ‐ Europe's leading manufacturer of monofilament plastic extrusion.
Source and top image: MonsterFil
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