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3D Printing Progress
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IDTechEx announce the 3D Printing Europe Awards 2016

All companies operating within these technologies are welcome to apply. The winners will be announced during the drinks reception on 27 April at the annual IDTechEx Show! in Berlin.
Closing date - 18 March 2016

3D Printing Awards

Best Development in 3D Printing
This award will recognize an important innovation in the 3D printing industry. This could be a development of 3D printing equipment, such as an improvement in speed, volume, precision, productivity, quality, reliability, or uniformity. It could also be research into a completely novel technique; progress in developing a new material for 3D printing; or an innovative and useful purpose for 3D printing.
The independent panel of judges for the 3D Printing Awards include:
  • Mr Oren Zoran - Head of Technology and Innovation, Polyjet, Stratasys
  • Frank Cooper - Senior Lecturer & Technical Manager, Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre, School of Jewellery Birmingham City University
  • Mr Ernst-Jan Louwers LLM - attorney-at-law/partner at Louwers IP, Technology Advocaten and among others arbitrator, board member to Brainport Centre for Technology & Law, board member to 3D Clearing House and supervisory board member to the Dutch Goldsmiths' Guild
  • Prof Hartmut Schwandt - Project Leader, 3D Labor TU-Berlin

Best Poster

This award will be judged at the show and all organisations displaying a poster in the exhibition will be entered for this award.
This award will be given to the company or academic organisation for the most promising advances in this technology area. The category will be assessed on the technical development of the work, its potential for market entry, and the benefits it brings to the body of work in the given area.

How to enter

  • Name of organisation
  • Award(s) applying for
  • Title of project
  • Approximate 200 word summary of project
  • Approximate 500 word explanation of why you should win the award with suitable evidence
  • Please provide a contact for publicity purposes
  • Please provide a contact for the project
  • Judges may request further information on your submission
  • Submissions should not contain confidential data
  • Companies that apply will not be named
  • The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 27 April
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