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IDTechEx 3D Printing USA 2018 Award Winner

Infinite Material Solutions were the worthy winners of the annual '3D Printing - Best Development Award' at the IDTechEx Show USA in Santa Clara this week.
They won for their work on 'Disruptive Materials for Additive Manufacturing - Water Soluble Support for High -Temperature Engineering Thermoplastics'
Infinite Material Solutions is developing and commercializing disruptive materials for the Additive Manufacturing market. Their first product offering is the only water-soluble support material (Aquasys) in the world that functions with a high-temperature engineering thermoplastics including ULTEM, PEEK, and PAEK and was first demonstrated in 2017 on the Arburg Freeformer platform. Infinite Material Solutions are in the process of launching Aquasys in filament form in 2018.
Peter Brier from Ultimaker was one of the judges and commented on the award submission: "Infinite Material Solutions are working towards the advancement of materials for 3D printing and are working very creatively to solve the outstanding issues that are hindering the full potential of the technology."

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Posted on: November 15, 2018

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