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3D Printing in the Medical Industry: Medicine, Implants, Models, more

One of the key industries to have successfully leveraged the advantages of 3D printing is the medical and dental industry. 3D printing allows for the creation of personalized medical devices to be streamlined, and it has also been used to improve surgical outcomes and deliver personalized medicines. IDTechEx has forecasted that the market for 3D printing of medical devices and living tissues will be worth $8.1 billion by the year 2029.
IDTechEx will once again be highlighting the use of 3D printing in the medical industry at 3D Printing Europe. 3D Printing Europe is a 2-day conference highlighting key materials and key industry verticals for 3D printing. It is a conference within the IDTechEx Show!, which consists of 8 co-located conferences and one central exhibition. The IDTechEx Show! brings together attendees across inter-related technologies to network and explore new opportunities. It is held on April 10 and 11, 2019, at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany. To find out more about the event, please refer to: External Link
To kick-off 3D printing in the medical industry at 3D Printing Europe 2019 is Materialise, who will be speaking on "3D Printing in Medicine / Software, Guides & Implants" in the "3D Printing Keynotes" session. Materialise have been leading the application of 3D printing to the medical sector, and their 3D printing solutions are used in hospitals around the world in applications such as pre-operative planning and the creation of patient-specific surgical guides and implants.
In the main "3D Printing in the Medical Industry" conference session, we have speakers lined up to bring us the latest update on differing applications of 3D printing within the medical industry. The variety of applications presented demonstrates the versatility of 3D printing technology in this industry. These range from 3D printed drugs to 3D printed tissues to 3D printed implants. The key trend here is once again the ability for 3D printing to allow for mass customization.
The companies presenting on 3D printing in the medical industry at 3D Printing Europe 2019 are:
  • Materialise: Sales Manager Mr Martin Herzmann will speak on "3D Printing in Medicine / Software, Guides & Implants"
  • DiHeSys - Digital Health Systems: Managing Director Mr Thomas Ehmann will speak on "Digital Printing - The Key to Personalized Medicine"
  • Nanoscribe: Sales Manager Dr Jochen Zimmer will speak on "Recent Biomedical Applications of 3D Microprinting"
  • KUMOVIS: Managing Partner Dr Miriam Haerst will speak on "3D Printing of High Performance Plastics for Medical Applications using FLM"
  • Sinterit: Co-Founder Mr Konrad Glowacki will speak on "How Desktop SLS Can Be Used in Hospitals"
  • Magic Candy Factory: Founder and CEO Melissa Snover will speak on "The Benefits of 3D Printing in the Health and Wellness Industries"
In addition to the conference, there will be 2 analyst-led masterclasses dedicated to 3D printing to be held on April 9th, 2019. The polymers class will be held at the 3D Lab at the TU Berlin. The masterclasses focus on the 3D printing of polymers and metals respectively. To find out more about the masterclasses, please refer to

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