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IDTechEx 3D Printing Europe 2019 Award Winner

They won for their project: 'Veda Extrusion System: VXS 1200'

Martijn Korevaar, Founder & CEO at Veda 3D Printing picked up the award and commented: "3D printing slow? Not anymore! Print up to 6x faster and 5x times more reliable with the Veda Extrusion System."
Dr Steven Ribeiro-Ayeh from Dassault Systèmes was one of the judges and commented on the award submission: "My number one nomination for the award is Veda 3D Printing for their development of a novel FFF print head. They showed the:
  • Development of a new polymer extrusion system which allows for higher extrusion speeds and better filament handling.
  • New filament handling and feeding system allows for much higher print reliability, reduced slippage and filament skipping.
  • Flow path optimization reduces print errors, no unmolten material is extruded and oozing is prevented.
  • Filament printing is used in many industries and applications, so the new VEDA technology has the potential to address many industrial use cases.
  • The technology is innovative and versatile and can be integrated in existing print systems, enhancing their performance."
The next 3D Printing Awards will take place in Santa Clara at the IDTechEx Show! USA - 20-21 November 2019

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Posted on: April 11, 2019

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