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3D Printing Progress
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3D Printing & 3D Electronics: The Next Step for Digital Manufacturing

3D Printing & 3D Electronics, 13 - 14 May 2020 Berlin, Germany is a B2B conference and exhibition showcasing the latest technological advances in 3D printers and 3D electronics. This event will cut through all the hype and present a measured but fast-paced view of the current and future potential across a range of markets. Meet the key players and end-users at this major event. Register: External Link
The speaker program is carefully crafted by IDTechEx analysts who have studied and interviewed key suppliers and users involved in 3D Printing. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the state-of-the-art in 3D Printing. End-users from a range of applications will report on their experiences and desired improvements.
Event Focus
  • End-user needs and industry requirements: case studies and opportunities
  • Full spectrum of 3D printing processes and materials
  • Dedicated session on 3D electronics: processes, progress, applications
  • Market insight and sector appraisal: profitability, market sizing, opportunities
  • Analyst-designed agenda and networking opportunities
What is next for additive manufacturing and 3D electronics? Despite the revolutionary potential, there are still many technical and commercial challenges to overcome. New players, technical innovations, notable use-cases, and market growth all enable this rapidly evolving industry. This B2B event brings this to the forefront with dedicated sessions on:
  • Additive Manufacturing of Metals
  • Polymer and Composite Materials
  • Commercial Applications and Technical Innovations
  • 3D Electronics
  • In Mold Electronics & Plastronics
  • Molded Interconnect Devices
  • Smart Surfaces and More!

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Posted on: March 5, 2020

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