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Speakers announced for 3D Printing Europe 2015

IDTechEx is excited to announce the agenda for 3D Printing Europe 2015. After months of planning, we are ready to launch our fantastic speaker programme, which can be found at
The two-day conference has been split into sessions covering 3D printing materials, end-users of 3D printing, 3D bioprinting, 3D printed electronics and developments in 3D printing technologies, to bring you a wide range of interesting speakers illustrating the breadth and depth of the industry.
3D Printing LIVE! 2014 saw very well-received presentations from many well-known companies.
All of these sessions will be brought together in the opening keynotes. Stratasys will talk about their technologies and multi-material 3D printing. Then, Lockheed Martin will present on applications of additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry. Professor Martin van Hecke, from Leiden University, will explain how he has used 3D printing to create mechanical metamaterials.
The 3D printing materials session will include a presentation from CTTC on developments in the emerging technologies and eagerly-awaited applications of ceramic printing. Better Future Factory will discuss their Perpetual Plastic Project, looking into recycling everyday plastic objects to create filaments in a wide variety of thermoplastics for 3D printing.
End users of 3D printing including 3D Systems Layerwise, Architected Materials, 3D Labor and FIT Production will all talk about the different technologies they use, what they are using them for and where they would like to see improvements.
3D Bioprinting is a fast-growing industry, set to be the biggest application of 3D printing by 2025. Fraunhofer IGB, Materialise and VU University Medical Centre will all talk about how they are working to commercialise the variety of available technologies and the challenges that need to be overcome.
3D printed electronics is another industry in a very early stage, predicted to grow rapidly over the next few years. IDTechEx's expertise in printed electronics and 3D printing mean we are perfectly poised to monitor the development of this industry, even at such an early stage, and bring you an array of the most interesting speakers. 3D Printing Europe will join with Printed Electronics Europe for a session dedicated to 3D printed electronics. It will include presentations from Neotech, Elmatica and Camtek.
3D Printing Europe will briefly combine with the co-located Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing to hear from Local Motors about their 3D printed, next generation, electric vehicle.
Although 3D Printing Europe 2015 is focussed on materials, end-users and applications, the most interesting and exciting developments in 3D printing technologies will be covered by presentations from Cranfield University, TNO and Technical University of Munich.
IDTechEx Director, Dr Jon Harrop, demonstrates a 3D printer in the combined tradeshow
This two-day conference will be co-located with six other conference tracks. The combined tradeshow which will include booths from 3D printing companies such as Canoe, CTTC, IMRE, and premier exhibitor Ceradrop.
3D Labor TU-Berlin will have a presence in the tradeshow, as well as hosting the Introduction to 3D Printing masterclass at their facilities. The masterclass will include technology appraisal, market landscape, business intelligence and future market opportunities. The tour will show the equipment at 3D Labor and demonstrate of different 3D printing technologies.
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