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Focus on materials innovations at 3D Printing USA 2015

IDTechEx 3D printing research has focussed on materials requirements for several years now, and this allows us to bring together some of the most knowledgeable people to talk about the state of the industry, new developments and future innovations across the whole spectrum of 3D Printing Materials.
IDTechEx have launched the agenda for 3D Printing USA, Nov 18-19, Santa Clara CA ( and are pleased that there will be a session dedicated to 3D printing materials.


Sean Dsilva, from DSM Expert Center will talk about "DSM's Innovative Materials for 3D Printing". DSM Somos create some of the highest performance resins for stereolithography. They produce resins which are tough, flexible, biocompatible, heat resistant, castable, or transparent. Sean will talk about their latest developments and the new applications that they enable.

Metal Powders

John Hunter, from LPW Technology will talk on "Characterization and Life Cycle Management of Metal Powders for the Reliable Production of Additive Manufactured parts." LPW Technology have been developing, optimising, and supplying metal powders for additive manufacturing since 2007, so are very well-placed to discuss the requirements and difficulties of supplying metal powders into this small but fast-growing market. As the first 3D printed metal production parts are being produced, this is a critical turning point for the powder supply market.

Thermoplastic Filaments

Steve Graham, of Toner Plastics, will talk about thermoplastic filament supply. Toner Plastics started supplying 3D printing filament to 3D printer OEMs and distributors in 2012, and are now a market leader. They produce a variety of polymers including PLA, ABS, Nylon, Polyurethanes, Styrenes and custom formulations. Steve will discuss the requirements of industrial customers, as 3D printing moves beyond the Maker Movement.
Wendy Booker, of NinjaTek, will talk about "The Marriage of Industrial Products with Additive Manufacturing", and explore how new materials and demands in the industrial market are driving innovation in additive manufacturing expectations. The newly formed NinjaTek team currently has several exciting new products under development, to expand on the company's success of the NinjaFlex 3D Printer Filament.


Hemant Bheda, of Arevo Labs, will discuss "Direct Digital Manufacturing of PEEK/PAEK Composite Parts". Arevo Labs focuses on the development of technology to enable additive manufacturing of Ultra Strong Composite parts for end use applications in Aerospace, Medical, and Oil & Gas industries.
However, because materials developments are such an integral part of 3D printing innovation, the discussion will not be confined to this session. Materials requirements will also be covered in talks by Hoeganaes, Stratasys, Voxel8, Align Technology and Airwolf 3D.

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